Rapidly build your WordPress theme with Tailwind CSS.

TailPress is your go-to starting point for developing WordPress themes with Tailwind CSS and comes with block-editor support out of the box.

Getting started.

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    Get the installer composer global require jeffreyvanrossum/tailpress-installer
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    Now simply run tailpress new example-theme
    To set your theme name and initialize a Git repository, use this instead
    tailpress new example-theme --name="Theme Name" --git
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    Now go to the theme directory and watch for changes npm run watch
In this video you'll get to see how you can use the installer.
Delightfully minimal
Support for the WordPress block editor
Use Esbuild or Laravel Mix for compiling
Shares colors and font sizes between Tailwind and theme.json
Use the handy TailPress installer


On YouTube, you'll find a couple of (hopefully) helpful screencasts.

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Do you have any questions or need help with something? Feel free to ask on the GitHub discussion board.

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If you have any ideas or suggestions for TailPress, please share them on GitHub.

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