Rapidly build your WordPress theme with Tailwind CSS and Laravel Mix.

TailPress is your go-to starting point for developing WordPress themes with Tailwind CSS and comes with basic block-editor support out of the box.

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Getting started.

  • 1
    Clone the repository git clone https://github.com/jeffreyvr/tailpress.git && cd tailpress
  • 2
    Remove git from the repository rm -rf .git
  • 3
    Install the NPM dependencies npm install
  • 4
    Compile development the NPM dependencies npm run development
  • 5
    Watch for changes npm run watch
In this video you'll go through all the steps to get started.

Supports the block editor.

TailPress comes with basic support for the block editor. CSS-classes for alignment, background and text colors will be generated automatically.

You can modify this within the tailwind.config.js file. To make the editing experience within the block editor more in line with the front end styling, a editor-style.css is generated. This file is only compiled on production builds.

Super fast compiling.

TailPress enables Tailwind's JIT (just-in-time) engine which makes compiling super fast.

The JIT engine uses PurgeCSS which in turn makes sure only classes that you actually use end up in your compiled CSS.

In this video Adam Wathan, creator of Tailwind CSS tells you all about JIT.